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Cancellation/Refund Policies

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

At we value your business and want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Our Refund and Cancellation policy depends upon the specific product or service that you purchase from us. The following describes the policy for each of the various categories of products and services that we sell:

1) Services:

All our consulting and advisory services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the services provided, please contact us immediately and let us know the reason(s) for the same. If we cannot address or solve your issue, we will be happy to issue you either a refund or a credit for the services rendered.

2) Tax

We will not refund you tax, transaction charges, convenience fees

3) Refunds Applicable On

Premium Package            10 Days

Standard Package            7 Days

4) Refund Charge

2% Charge for Refund.

5) Questions

If you have any questions concerning our refund policy or for all problems with orders or to request a return or refund, please contact us at: