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Does being imposing nullify my virility?

Does being imposing nullify my virility?

  • February 14, 2022

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a disorder that men do not recognize in public. On many occasions he keeps it in his “secret chest” especially with other men, since usually and due to general ignorance he is a source of ridicule or laughter in this type of environment. Friends easily make fun of this situation without realizing that they can aggravate the problem. We usually think that this happens with young men, but not like that, rather they are all those who tend to make jokes about this type of problem.

Over the years, this has caused it to be treated as a dark and shameful subject and many times it is not shared even with the closest family due to the same fear.

When it happens on specific occasions and due to self-rejection, we tend to blame the person who is with us or repeat phrases out loud like… I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m very tired, I’ve had too much to drink…. Etc. If it has happened in a timely manner, we should not give it much importance, but if it repeats over time, we should visit a sexologist in Delhi to talk about our specific case and reach a solution quickly and efficiently.

Many times couples do not help to solve this issue. Since with phrases like nothing happens, we try again….. this goes away in 5 minutes…. We only put pressure on the affected person by aggravating the situation.

If we find ourselves in one of these cases, we must take sexual practice outside of penetration, promoting activation and stimulation with friction or massage.

You must speak openly, clearly and honestly with respect and always attend to the needs demanded by the affected person.

Finally, and to resolve what a man’s virility is, Sexologist doctor in Delhi says that the term virile refers to masculine characteristics, and is not linked to sexual response. But in sexist and Western terms it has been used wrongly linked to this end.

Since a series of virile traits would be, having testicles, penis, hairiness on the chest due to hormones, etc.

We must break with myths and legends that decipher this term very little since surely within the circle of people who make fun of these sexual deficiencies there is someone who thinks that his virility is in question.

Go to the best sexologist in Delhi to help you solve your doubts or concerns.