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Does drinking harm male sexual health?

Does drinking harm male sexual health?

  • June 25, 2022

Where would many men’s courage be if it wasn’t for that drink at the club? Yes, for many of them, alcohol ends inhibition, causing them to approach women. However, that dose of “courage” brings another problem: drinking harms male sexual health.

The high consumption of alcohol is harmful to health and even so, it is part of the weekends of several families.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that daily consumption does not exceed 30g of alcohol. Which, for many, is little since a 330 ml can or glass of draft beer or a 100 ml glass of wine, or a 30 ml dose of distillate has 10 to 12 g of alcohol.

The causes of impotence go far beyond the psychological. The relationship between sexual impotence (erectile dysfunction) and its relationship with alcohol has been studied for some time.

It is known that small amounts of alcohol promote a slight increase in erection from its calming or anxiolytic action.

This action leads the person to relaxation, decreasing levels of adrenaline in the body and thus improving the erection.

“As the dose increases, alcohol rises in the bloodstream. That is, if at the beginning there are erections, with the increase in the concentration of ethanol in the body, penile flaccidity and impotence will predominate”, explains the sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta.

Alcohol directly interferes with male sexual function and can cause infertility through the atrophy of testosterone-producing cells, leading to a decrease in male hormones (which contributes to the emergence of impotence) and even the emergence of cases of gynecomastia, that is, the enlargement of the breasts in the man’s body.

Not to mention the damage caused directly to the nerves connected to erection, which leads to a pathological condition.

If you want to understand this subject better, continue reading. After all, with knowledge of the consequences of alcohol on sexual performance, you can decide whether the benefits it offers outweigh the problems it causes.

After all, why does drinking harm male sexual health?

It’s hard for us to believe that a culturally accepted habit can do us such harm. However, our view of alcohol does not change the fact that it is a drug, that it acts in our Central Nervous System, and that this is the first factor that harms sex life.

However, alcohol impairs the functioning of our body in other respects, too. Therefore, indirectly, it can make it even more difficult to have an emotional and sexual response. See how that happens!

Effects of Alcohol on the Nervous System

Inhibition of the nervous system

Our brain has an area that processes the stimuli of reward and pleasure. So this region is triggered when we eat tasty food, have fun, and have sex, and so on.

Alcohol inhibits the nervous system by acting on brain regions linked to pleasure and arousal. Therefore, although the man may feel more uninhibited, the drink reduces the sensitivity in the extremities and, consequently, the feeling of pleasure.

So, excessive alcohol consumption can trigger problems of erectile dysfunction and a sense of pleasure. There are studies that indicate that 11% of frequent alcohol users have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Difficulty conducting nervous stimuli

All of our tactile and thermal sensations —pain, caresses, pleasure, cold, heat, that shiver—depend on the communication between the skin and the brain.

So whenever we receive an external stimulus, this electrical impulse needs to travel to the brain, where it will be interpreted.

In sexual intercourse, it’s no different. The touches, to be interpreted as sensations of pleasure, depending on good conduction of electrical stimuli within the body.

The problem is that alcohol affects the conduction of this nerve impulse. When a person drinks chronically, the problem is even worse.

Our nerves are coated by a cover of a substance called myelin, which is a lipid structure (fat). This myelin sheath plays the role of an insulator, which does not allow the electrical impulse to get lost when passing through the nerve.

However, high alcohol consumption gradually destroys this myelin sheath. Consequently, the conduction of the nerve impulse is compromised, reducing the sensation of pleasure and reducing sexual response in both males and females.

Other effects of alcohol on the body

However, drinking harms male sexual health not only because of what happens to the nervous system. Alcohol impacts other functions of the body that hinder the feeling of pleasure.

Reduction of water volume in the body

When you drink, it triggers a series of aggressions to the body. Consequently, it will try to defend itself and eliminate extremely toxic substances generating various reactions.

One of them is diuresis, that is, the increase in the amount of urine. So people who drink feel like going to the bathroom all the time.

But how does this affect sexual performance and experience? The amount of water in the body decreases due to the increased frequency to urinate. The volume of blood is also reduced.

However, this happens at the same time that man needs more volume of blood circulating in the intimate region to achieve the reaction.

That is, the decrease of water in the body impairs blood circulation throughout the body, including the intimate region. Without enough blood, no reaction happens.

Reduction in testosterone production

Drinking impairs male sexual health as well because it interferes with testosterone production. This is a serious problem, which can cause not only impotence but infertility.

Alcohol atrophy stems from the cells that produce testosterone and that are part of the testicles. Thus, there is a reduction in male hormone levels and the emergence of problems such as gynecomastia (breast augmentation).

Emergence of diseases

In addition to spot consumption, a person who drinks frequently increases their chances of developing various chronic diseases.

Thus, it can become dependent on a number of medications that, among its side effects, cause problems of sexual or more.

How many doses does drinking harm sexual health?

From a health point of view, there is no safe limit to alcohol consumption. However, his immediate effect on the reaction depends on several factors.

One is the ratio between the amount of alcohol that the person eats and their body volume. The larger the individual, the less effect that drink will have on his body.

The truth is that, depending on the weight and size of the person’s body, consuming more than two drinks can already affect the ability to feel pleasure.

Is it worth drinking or is it better to preserve sexual health?

The decisions are individual. Therefore, this is an answer that every man needs to give himself, according to his priorities. However, with information, this decision is made consciously.

For many men, alcohol is a way to get more uninhibited and make intimate moments more fluid and attractive.

However, it is critical to understand that, which may seem stimulating, is a danger to the body in general and can also affect male sex life.

For all these reasons, excessive alcohol consumption can lead men to develop impotence, a situation that impacts self-esteem, self-respect, social life, and many other aspects of life and even can lead to separation from spouse.

Take care of yourself. Let me know. Stay tuned for your habits and ask for help from a specialized sexologist in Delhi or psychiatrist whenever you think it’s necessary.