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Embarrassing moments in sex that everyone can experience and how to overcome them

Embarrassing moments in sex that everyone can experience and how to overcome them

  • October 5, 2022

Naming your ex, passing gas, or climaxing quickly are some common embarrassing moments experienced in sex. How to get out safely?

The sexual encounter is one of the most intimate moments of couples, whether stable or casual, and although in movies or television sex may seem like a perfect act, in reality this moment of passion can be full of accidents and moments uncomfortable.

Dr P K Gupta explained what are the most frequent setbacks during intimacy and how you can get out of these slips well.

1. Name your ex during the act

That terrible moment in which your ex’s name escapes you while you are intimate with your current partner is very common and according to the therapist completely normal.

Dr Gupta explains that it has nothing to do with you still in love with your ex, simply in a situation of maximum excitement confusion can occur and you should not pay more attention to what happened.

To solve it, you must apologize to your partner and explain that it was simply a slip, refocus and enjoy the moment.

2. You leaked gas

This situation is completely “passion killer” and can cause you a lot of shame, especially if you still do not have much confidence with your partner, but it is something that can happen to anyone so do not be traumatized.

“Being relaxed and feeling uninhibited, goals that are clearly opposite to the way we generally react to flatulence”, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

However, he advises to take what happened with grace, laugh at the moment and continue with the passion.

3. Climax too fast or not at all

Orgasm should not be the goal of a sexual encounter, the goal should be to enjoy the moment, give pleasure to the partner and share a unique moment, according to Dr P K Gupta.

If the orgasm does not come or comes too quickly, these are situations that many times cannot be controlled. However, when this happens continuously, it is best to consult a sexologist in Delhi.

4. Bad breath

The moment of passion can come unexpectedly and just when your mouth doesn’t have the best smell, but this is very easy to fix by pausing to wash your mouth, use mouthwash or even eat a pill for bad breath.

5. Disruption of children

When there are children at home, there is always the possibility that they will discover you in the sexual act, even if the necessary security measures are taken.

If your little one has entered the room while you are intimate with your partner, it is best to take it naturally, advises the therapist.

Laurie indicates that when the child is small, it is best to take him to his bed and explain that it was not a violent scene, that it was a way for mom and dad to show their love. When the children are older, you must make it clear that parents need their privacy and that they should always knock on the door.

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