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Get these 4 medical tests done by your partner before marriage

Get these 4 medical tests done by your partner before marriage

  • February 10, 2022

Get these 4 medical tests done by your partner before marriage, otherwise there may be problems in married life later

After the marriage is fixed, every person tries to get to know his partner well – be it their habits, characteristics, likes, dislikes etc. Along with this, it is also important that you know about the medical status of your partner like sexual disease, impotence, PE. For this, you should get some medical tests done by your partner before marriage. So that you do not face any further problems.

Medical Tests Before Marriage: Wedding season is on. Talking about Indian weddings, marriages here are done with a lot of customs. The horoscopes of the boy and the girl are matched before marriage. The relationship is decided only after getting the horoscope. Before marriage, many things are seen in the boy and girl like behavior, compatibility etc. But there is one thing that does not go unnoticed and that is medical fitness. By getting the medical tests done before marriage, the relationship between the couples becomes strong as well as healthy.

So if you are also dreaming of spending your whole life with someone, then before that it is very important for you to know about the medical status of your partner. In such a situation, before marriage, all people must do these 4 medical tests of their partner, so that you do not have to face any kind of problem in the coming new life, suggests best sexologist in Delhi. Let us know about these tests-

Infertility test- It is very important to get an infertility test done to know about the sperm count of men and the ovary health of women because no symptoms related to infertility are already visible in the body, about this information is obtained through the test only. This is very important if you are planning a baby in the future or for your normal sex life.

Blood Group Compatibility Test- This is not a very important test. But if you want to do family planning in future, then you should get this test done. It is important that you and your partner have the same Rh factor. If the blood groups of both of you are not compatible, then you may have to face a lot of trouble during pregnancy.

Tests related to genetic diseases- Couples must get genetic tests done before marriage. Genetic diseases can easily be passed from one generation to another. In such a situation, it is necessary to get a genetic test done before marriage. Genetic diseases include breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney disease and diabetes. If these diseases are detected early, then they can be treated on time so that there is no further problem.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Test- In today’s time having sex before marriage has become quite common. In such a situation, sexologist in Delhi, India recommends you to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases include HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis C. These are some of the diseases that spread through unprotected sex. Most of these diseases can prove to be fatal. In this case, get the STD test done. If your partner’s report comes positive by conducting this test, then you can avoid major problems in the future.