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How to erase burn scars on the face?

How to erase burn scars on the face?

  • April 9, 2022

There are events that change people’s lives and even more so if they leave a mark. Burns, especially those that leave scars on the face, can aggravate the patient’s psychological situation and affect his self-esteem.

That is why there are currently many treatments and surgeries responsible for removing burn scars that are effective and give people back their self-confidence.

If you have suffered from severe burns that have left scars on your forehead and other parts of your body, you may require serious intervention. If such an injury has limited your mobility, caused a loss of sensitivity or sensation, or makes you feel dissatisfied with your appearance, “scar revision surgery in Delhi” is the best option to consider.

Our plastic surgeon in Noida wants you to feel good about yourself, we make sure that the scars on your face caused by burns do not make you withdraw from the world and live in isolation. That is why we present the best options in reconstructive plastic surgery of the face to eliminate the facial scar that may bother you.

To remove scars from the face resulting from burns, it is advisable to apply the scar and burn revision procedure.

This surgical technique is minimally invasive and its purpose is to remove scars and burn injuries from the patient’s skin. It is performed by the best plastic surgeon in Delhi. Depending on the location and size of the scar, sedation can be local or general.

Typically, when it comes to burn wounds, debridement is done to help the area heal by removing dead skin cells or infected areas, cleaning out any dirt or debris, and creating a clean border to decrease the chance of scarring.

The different types of scars on the face respond to different plastic surgery techniques. Plastic surgeon in Chandigarh recommends avoiding any procedures in injury cases for up to a year after the injury. This interval allows the body enough time to heal completely.

Treatment to remove scars on the face from burns

Whether the surgery is done for functional or cosmetic reasons, the choice of who will perform the process and which procedure to choose is of the utmost importance. The best plastic surgeon in Chandigarh will examine the scar on the forehead or another area of ​​the face to decide on the appropriate treatment and will inform you about the results that can be obtained from the surgery.

nerve decompression procedure

Procedures to erase scars on the face include nerve decompression, which relieves symptoms caused by pinched or trapped nerves, including burning, severe pain, loss of sensation, and numbness.

skin grafts

This is one of the more traditional treatments for people with deeper burns. Currently it is also used in minor cases. It consists of taking a patch of skin from a donor area of ​​the body and transplanting it to another.

Depending on the severity of the wound, the plastic surgeon in Jammu will remove the epidermis and dermis (which are the top two layers of skin) or a full-thickness graft, depending on what is required for the procedure to be successful.

The recovery time of a surgery to erase the scars on the face of burns will depend on the procedure that is applied and the skin of each person. The severity of the injury and the extent of the area that needs treatment also play a role.

Although this healing takes time, the long-term benefits will restore vitality to the patient’s face and self-confidence, allowing them to go on with their lives as normal.

Dr. Sahil Singla, Plastic Surgeon in Rohtak, recommends that in the case of burn scars, the use of expanders as a complementary treatment is a restorative procedure where the tissues suffer a thinning and an increase in their vascularization, improving the appearance of the lesion.

With these treatments it is possible to remove prominent scars, with highly aesthetic results and better appearance, which favors good aesthetic and functional results, the skin retains its color and texture.

Dr. Singla offers personalized attention and permanent follow-up to his patients in “scar revision in Delhi” treatments. If you are interested in this or any other type of procedure, we invite you to contact him immediately.

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