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Hymenoplasty: A way to recover virginity?

Hymenoplasty: A way to recover virginity?

  • October 4, 2022

Hymenoplasty, also called hymenorrhaphy, is a surgery that consists of the repair, restoration or reconstruction of a woman’s hymen. These types of restorative interventions are colloquially called reinvigoration. Do you know what is it about? Here we tell you everything!

The hymen: Few see it, but many know about it

In order to explain in detail, the fundamentals of hymenoplasty, it is necessary to enter into the context of what the hymen is. The hymen consists of human tissue that resembles an oval-shaped membrane. Which can partially or completely cover the vaginal opening. This ring-shaped membrane can become very thin and flexible. Although, there are cases where it is thick and stiff. The hymen has the peculiarity of beginning to form during the gestation process in the uterus, specifically in the fourth month of pregnancy.

Contrary to popular belief, the hymen is not an impenetrable barrier. Since, if that were the case there would be no menstrual flow or leakage of vaginal fluids. Every 1 in 1000 women are born without a hymen.

Hymenoplasty: Why perform it?

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is a cosmetic solution for those women who wish to repair or reconstruct the hymen. The reasons for requesting this type of procedure are varied. And, they range from the physical to the psychological. Among them stand out:

  • When the woman has been the victim of sexual assault: In the event that the woman has been sexually forced, it is understandable that she harbors within herself psychological problems and traumas in this regard. She not only feels that her innocence was stolen from her, but also the opportunity to possess an intact hymen. It is very likely that hymenoplasty will not only offer the patient the desired physical restoration, but also emotional comfort.
  • Regret: When there is not a good education and guidance on sexuality, especially during adolescence, it is very common for women to lose their virginity carelessly and, in many cases, without being mentally prepared for it. That is why, when they mature and become aware of their actions, they reason about their past actions and repentance may appear. Therefore, hymenoplasty presents a new beginning and a way of doing things right.
  • Cultural beliefs: It is one of the biggest reasons why a woman undergoes a hymenoplasty. An intact hymen is very important to many cultures. Since, it is synonymous with purity. Therefore, those women who belong to orthodox religions and have started sexual activity without being married or were born without a hymen, opt for its reconstruction.
  • Gift: There are women who seek to rebuild their hymen to give it as a gift to their partner. Either as a celebration of a special meeting or with the intention of remembering the first time of intimacy.

Other reasons…

  • Accidental rupture: Those women who practice horse riding or cycling, compromise the integrity of their hymen. Therefore, they look for a way to rebuild it.
  • Increased sexual pleasure: After childbirth, the vaginal muscles may weaken. Also, age matters. Hymenoplasty can tighten those muscles. Which, in addition, provides an additional benefit in terms of sexual stimulation.
  • Imperforate hymen: This is a condition in which the entire vaginal opening is covered by the hymen. Normally, it is not discovered until the girl enters puberty and the menstrual flow is blocked. The hymenoplasty procedure that helps correct it is called a hymenotomy. And, it consists of making a small hole in the membrane to allow blood flow.
  • Septate hymen: When the tissue of the hymen divides into what appear to be rope-like bands, it prevents the use of tampons or penile penetration. This condition is corrected with hymenotomy. Also, it refers to cases where there is a very thick or rigid hymen.
  • Microperforated hymen: It is a condition that has many similarities with the imperforate hymen and is corrected in the same way. A microperforated hymen has a small opening, just enough to allow menstrual flow.

Hymenoplasty: What is it? 

Hymenoplasty is considered a very simple outpatient procedure. Which can easily be done in a specialized clinic with local anesthesia. Any torn skin around the edges of the hymen will be carefully cut away and the remaining tissue will be sutured. Leaving a small opening and restoring the hymenal ring to its normal size and shape.

When there is not enough skin to restore the hymen or, failing that, it does not exist. The plastic surgeon in Noida can then create one. How? Using a bit of the body’s own thin vaginal skin, called the vaginal mucosa. Also, synthetic fabrics can be used.

Recovery time…

The surgery usually lasts about two hours, depending on the amount of tissue that is sought to be recovered. Although it does not require hospitalization, the woman should avoid strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting for the next 48 to 72 hours. Complete healing from surgery is established at 6 weeks to undergo the intervention.

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