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Rhinoplasty hurts and other fears to banish about the nose job

Rhinoplasty hurts and other fears to banish about the nose job

  • May 19, 2022

Does rhinoplasty hurt? This is the greatest fear that most of the patients, men and women, who come to meet best plastic surgeon in Noida to have their noses operated on. Perhaps because of the fear of rhinoplasty with a bone fracture.

Fears before any operation are logical and normal. That’s what we plastic surgeons are for: before saying yes to any intervention, don’t leave any doubts.

In this article, we are going to explore all the fears that arise when seeking rhinoplasty in Delhi, either for an aesthetic improvement or to solve a breathing problem.

Does rhinoplasty really hurt?

There is no single answer to this question. The operation itself is not painful, but the body and psyche of each person react in one way or another to the interventions.

Keep in mind that local anaesthesia and sedatives are used to perform rhinoplasty. In fact, no intervention is started if the patient is not asleep or the area is not numb. Consequently, rhinoplasty does not hurt.

A common practice to minimize the impact of the subsequent intervention is to block the nerve endings of the nose. With this measure, we ensure that after surgery, discomfort in the area is reduced.

So why is it said to be painful? This has more to do with the postoperative period than with the nose job itself.

Rhinoplasty does not cause pain as such, but it is annoying.

In the first 24 hours you are monitored by the clinic team, who also inject painkillers to avoid discomfort after the anaesthesia is expelled.

The splint also does not make it a comfortable situation. In most cases, it is left for a week, so during this time, in addition to the supervision of a plastic surgeon in Noida, you have to be patient with the discomfort. It is normal that painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are prescribed if the discomfort cannot be tolerated. But rhinoplasty does not hurt.

Another element that favors this feeling of discomfort is inflammation that can appear in the area of ​​​​the nose, cheekbones and even the area above the upper lip. The body reacts and does so by showing its complaint. It is normal: we are taking it out of its own nature.

All these discomforts are not painful. That is why when we are asked if rhinoplasty hurts, the answer is no, although it is annoying.

How to reduce these discomforts?

Best plastic surgeon in Delhi has been doing nose operations for years using the ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique.

Among its great advantages, the affectation to the area is less, so the inconvenience of the days, weeks and months after, until the cartilage, muscles and bones fully recover, are less.

Bruising and swelling are noticeably reduced with this technique, and the result is just as professional.

Situations in which rhinoplasty hurts

Although rhinoplasty does not hurt, there are events that can lead to the patient feeling pain. When we approach the explanation of the process, we insist that during the recovery it is important to avoid any blow or impact on the area, not only on the nose.

Whether due to carelessness or misfortune, this event can occur. If at that moment you notice pain in the nose, we insist, go to the best plastic surgeon in Chandigarh to evaluate if there is a risk that the operated thing has moved and how to act from then on.

It is possible that the solution is a second intervention, or that this should be proposed due to the evolution of the recovery without the need for contact or blow in it. Cosmetic surgery depends on the nature of the organism to confirm 100% its best results.

To minimize these events, a minimum period of rest and a period of care that lasts several months is recommended by plastic surgeon in Delhi. It is better to limit certain activities such as running or contact sports than to expose yourself to a sore nose after rhinoplasty, something moving and having to intervene again.

In any case, communication with your plastic surgeon in Delhi is vital to continue your recovery and face any doubts or fears that may arise on a day-to-day basis. But remember, rhinoplasty does not hurt, although it can be uncomfortable.

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