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Sex Supplement. Learn Everything In This Post!

Sex Supplement. Learn Everything In This Post!

  • May 11, 2022

Routine, tiredness, stress, depression, hormonal disorder, etc.

At any age, many factors can alter the sex life and harmony of a relationship.

Whether it’s a decrease in libido or erectile dysfunction, know that there are solutions to help you regain a satisfying sexuality.

Check out about sexual supplement suggested by sexologist in Delhi, and how it can help boost the intimate moment for two.

What Is A Sex Supplement?

Sexual supplement, is a type of product developed based on natural mineral elements that aim to enhance our performance at the time of sex.

In addition, the supplement can be a powerful ally capable of helping to have fuller and longer-lasting sexual health.

The sexual supplement acts directly to stimulate blood flow to Organs genitals, generating an increase in the production and level of testosterone in the body, bringing greater virility and sexual potency.

What Are The Causes Of Loss Of Libido?

Loss of libido can be caused by different reasons and below we list some that are the most frequent:

  1. Decreased libido

Loss of libido, or lack of sexual desire, is more common than you think. Preferentially targeting women.

Lack of female sexual desire, also called loss of libido, is the most frequent problem and affects between 15% and 35% of women.

However, this disorder of sexuality can also affect the male population.

Lack of libido has a considerable impact on quality of life and can be responsible for marital crises or even separations.

Sexuality is really essential for the balance and harmony of a couple, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Hormones, whether female or male, influence the functioning of Organs genitals, as well as libido and the manifestation of desire.

In men, the hormone involved in sexual function is testosterone.

In women, sex hormones also play a role: estrogen increases libido, while progesterone decreases it.

Menopause is therefore a difficult and dreaded time for women.

In addition, estrogen deficiency causes vaginal dryness, making intercourse more painful.

Many lubricating products exist to compensate for this shortcoming.

They are also valuable allies in readjusting or reinventing sexuality.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur in anyone and at any age.

These erectile dysfunctions would affect about 25% of men between 50 and 60 years and up to 40% of them after 60 years.

Most of the time, this erectile dysfunction can, however, affect the quality of life, alter the self-image and cause a loss of confidence, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

A vicious and sometimes complex cycle.

Erection occurs as a result of sexual arousal, resulting in an increase in the volume of the penis, causing progressive stiffness.

Several mechanisms are involved in physiological and organic functions, but also in the brain.

The absence or failure of an erection can have several causes.

If age is involved, psychological factors are also often mentioned.

What Are The Contributing Factors To Loss Of Libido?

Among several other factors that tend to favor certain sexual difficulties, sex specialist in Delhi highlights:

  • Various pathologies, such as depression, anxiety, vascular diseases, diabetes or even hypertension.
  • Toxic factors: Alcohol, which in low doses exerts a disinhibitory effect, can, on the contrary, in higher doses and in the long term, be harmful to sexual activity.
  • Drug treatments can also affect sexuality: psychotropic drugs, anxiolytics, antihypertensives, beta-blockers.
  • Psychological factors: Stress, fatigue, overwork, routine, relationship problems‚Ķ are all factors that can impact your sex life.

As we have just seen, the origin of sexual disorders is often multifactorial.

However, it is possible to find solutions and occasional help from top sexologist in Delhi to resolve a number of situations and find a full and satisfying sex life.

Sexual Supplement To Stimulate Erection And Libido

Aimed at both men and women, stimulant supplements are often composed of plants recognized as aphrodisiacs, associated with vitamins.

According to their formula, they aim to increase libido, maximize sexual stamina, support physical and sexual performance and preserve energy.

You can consume these products in different forms: pills, capsules, oral solutions or powders.

We often find the same active ingredients in plants selected for their properties and their positive effects on sexual vitality and libido.

Consult best sexologist in Noida Dr P K Gupta and know which supplements can benefit you more in your sexual problems.

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