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Sexual changes in men after 40

Sexual changes in men after 40

  • April 16, 2022

The sexual changes in men or the decrease in sexual potency, after this age, cause the man to gradually devalue himself because he is perceived as different and even less of a man.

Men experience many physical and psychological changes after the age of 40. These changes make the man perceive that he has diminished his sexual potency.

Over time, many men experience various changes, both physical and hormonal. However, one of the most important changes is the one that occurs in sexual life after the age of 40.

Why does the male sex life change?

According to the sexologist in Delhi, there are four main reasons why the performance and sexual life of men begins to change after the age of 40.

  1. Decreased Testosterone Levels

This stage begins around the age of 40 and increases year after year. Clinical studies indicate that this decrease in testosterone levels ranges from 0.5% to 2% per year, after the age of 50. A good routine of physical exercises, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle will help delay this process. The point is that for man in general it is difficult to maintain good habits of life.

  1. Low self-esteem

Many men are uninformed and unprepared to admit and deal with the changes that decreased testosterone production brings, which can have a major impact on self-esteem. This problem is aggravated due to the attitude of evasion rather than prevention that man usually has.

“The man knows little or nothing about andropause, he denies the symptoms, it is very rare that he goes to the specialist to find out and prevent problems. He usually goes to the sex doctor in Delhi when he already has a major problem,” says Dr. P K Gupta.

Symptoms of andropause (a process similar to female menopause) include the following:

  • chronic tiredness
  • Lack of sexual desire and arousal
  • Trouble getting an erection

Hair loss, weight gain, and all the changes that come with age also negatively affect a man’s self-esteem, creating a lack of interest in sex.

  1. Professional and social pressures

The duties of professional and family life can generate a lot of stress in men, which significantly reduces sexual appetite.

Tiredness, pressure, and too little sleep have been shown to reduce testosterone levels, which is the main cause of decreased sexual desire.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

This is one of the main reasons why a man’s sexual life changes after 40. Achieving an erection easily is something that a man gets used to during his youth. But from the age of 40, episodes may begin to appear where the ease of achieving erections decreases.

“Erection is a very complex process in which many factors intervene since it is a psychoneurovascular reflex. This means that there must be a good hormonal level, a healthy anatomy of the penis and a good blood flow”, adds best sexologist in Delhi.

In addition to all these problems, the social stigma makes men afraid to talk about the difficulties of their sexual life, especially erectile dysfunction.

Because of this, many men seek sexual adventures with younger women. However, Dr. P K Gupta explains that doing so is a mistake, since it can aggravate the man’s psychological state. Our best recommendation is to consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi, who will understand his process and will guide you to recover your quality of sexual life.

How to improve sex life after 40?

Beginning in their 40s, most men feel that they don’t have the sexual drive and desire that they had when they were younger. This can cause other problems, mainly psychological.

Dr. P K Gupta, a sexologist in Noida specialized in clinical sexology and sexual medicine, affirms that at 40 men experience excessive concern about sexual performance, a condition called anxiety due to fear of performance or performance anxiety.

This condition creates anxiety and worry during sex, generating more mental blocks when it comes to relationships and hindering their sexual performance.