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About “Allo Sexual Health Clinic”

Allo Health is India’s largest Sexual Health Clinic chain with 40,000+ successfully treated patients. Our doctors are highly qualified & specialise in Sexual Medicine. Our science-backed treatments are 100% personalised to meet your exact health goals & give long-lasting results. Infact 87% improvement is guaranteed within 2 months of starting treatment. Anything you share during consultations is completely private and confidential. Our team works to ensure a safe & comfortable environment so you can do your consultation without any worries. Our doctors are available all 7 days of the week- giving you the flexibility to schedule your appointment as per your convenience. Visit Allo Health to start your sexual wellness journey today.

Offered Services

Sexologist 5 Services
Erectile Dysfunction ₹499.00
Low Sex Desire ₹499.00
Sex Therapy ₹499.00
Premature Ejaculation ₹499.00
Delayed or retarded Ejaculation ₹499.00