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Sexual abstinence: what is it and why is it practiced?

Sexual abstinence is about depriving yourself of having sex. But why is it practiced? This is what we will see in this article, as it has its advantages and disadvantages. When we talk about sexual abstinence we mean not having sex of any kind. However, it is true that many people understand abstinence as not having relationships based on interc...

6 habits of couples with a very active sexual life

Couples with a satisfactory sexual life learn to be accomplices anywhere and show affection outside the bed. We will tell you about its other qualities. Couples who maintain a very active sexual life have some qualities that stand out above those who let themselves be overcome by routine. Although they are not secrets from the other world, they...

Preliminary Games – More Fun in Bed

Choose a touch of mischief before approaching your partner. Remember that it is from the preliminaries that the most intense orgasms are built. Find out everything you need to know about this topic here. Preliminary games constitute a series of practices that not only facilitate the stimulation of the erogenous zones to achieve pleasure, but a...

The impact of viagra on men

Viagra is a double-edged sword for men. While it helps treat erectile dysfunction, it can also lead to feelings of insecurity and anti-masculinity.  Dr P K Gupta explains here more about its physiological and emotional impact. Viagra has been one of the most revolutionary drugs for sexual activity in recent years. But what ha...

7 things that happen to you when you are no longer happy in your relationship

Communication is key in a couple. If you don't have the confidence to tell each other your problems and what ails you, it is possible that the spark has already gone out. Having a partner relationship can make us feel complete and motivated to face each of the challenges that life throws at us on a daily basis. That as long as that "spark" of lo...

Low Sexual Desire At 20

It is believed that young people are those who enjoy a full and vigorous sexual life, but warns that every day it is more common to find problems of low sexual desire at 20, why? The factors can be many, but if they are not addressed, there could be irreversible consequences in sexual healt...

Does being imposing nullify my virility?

Impotence or  is a disorder that men do not recognize in public. On many occasions he keeps it in his "secret chest" especially with other men, since usually and due to general ignorance he is a source of ridicule or laughter in this type of environment. Friends easily make fun of this situation without realizing that they can...

8 Warning Signs That Show Your Testosterone Level Is Low

Sign of Low Testosterone Level: After the age of 30, the testosterone level in men can be somewhat low, but this is not a problem, but if your testosterone level becomes too low, it can cause many symptoms and can interfere with your daily life, overall health and relationships. Testosterone In Men: The conversa...

Get these 4 medical tests done by your partner before marriage

Get these 4 medical tests done by your partner before marriage, otherwise there may be problems in married life later After the marriage is fixed, every person tries to get to know his partner well - be it their habits, characteristics, likes, dislikes etc. Along with this, it is also important that you know about the medical status of your part...

How (and why) to do a sexual reset

Sometimes life can become a constant schedule, especially in these times when the boundaries between private and work have become more complex. Sticking to a schedule of work goals can work, but it's very different when it comes to sticking to the sex we may be missing out on in this demanding routine. That is why the Dr P K Gupta...