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Sarwar Healthcare Sarwar Healthcare

Sarwar Healthcare

  • Dr. Gholam Sarwar - Senior Physiotherapist, Chiropractor/Osteopathy and Sport Injury Specialist, Doctors Lane, Pocket 2, Sector 6 Dwarka, Dwarka, Delhi, India
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About “Dr Gholam Sarwar”

Offered Services

Physiotherapist 11 Service(s)
Movement & exercises
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Sports Injuries
Magnetic therapy
Muscular Dystrophy Physiotherapy
Dry needling and acupuncture
Back and Neck Pain
 Neuromuscular Conditions
Osteoporosis Physiotherapy
Neurological physical therapy
Soft Tissue Mobilization


“Dr Gholam Sarwar” Answers

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Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation of meningitis: how to reduce the impact of sequelae
Dr Gholam Sarwar Dr Gholam Sarwar
Understanding Common Musculoskeletal Issues
Dr Gholam Sarwar Dr Gholam Sarwar
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